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My next animation will be Realeased I hope soon. It's about mountain climbing. It's all im going to say. It's hopefully going to be 2 min - 5 min long. Yay!


2015-09-02 09:22:19 by TTanimations

I can't believe this, yesterday, I uploaded my first animation to not get blammed! That means I'm improving. So i am more motivated to animate. Expect more animations soon :).

Future of TT animations

2015-08-06 14:47:01 by TTanimations

the reason i havnt posted in a while is due to that im working on my flash and trying to make it as best as i can, i will try to upload more often but until then i guess thats it.

video uploading!

2015-07-21 15:34:02 by TTanimations

NEW animation coming... yay!             

sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                    TT animations

made new animation

2015-07-12 08:10:14 by TTanimations

hope you enjoy.


even though my lip syncing was horrible

why should you not smoke?

2015-07-11 12:15:54 by TTanimations

watch my newest video to find out!

made first animation

2015-07-10 22:58:28 by TTanimations

im so exited to see what you think! may not me the best but whatever! i had alot of fun!

hello everybody!

2015-07-10 18:35:18 by TTanimations

hello and welcome to my page on newgrounds! i hope to start uploading stuff soon!