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Next Animation

2016-04-23 21:08:54 by TTanimations

im already working on a new animation on the moon :D

I finished my animation

2016-04-23 09:55:41 by TTanimations

Now it has a little battle scene :3

After weeks of waiting, I finally got my graphics tablet I ordered :D

new animation stuff

2016-03-26 09:36:25 by TTanimations

bought macromedia flash about 3 days ago. also just ordered a graphics tablet which will arrive soon. hopefully i can get back into animations. but until then here is a picture i drew with my mouse:5448674_145899935542_shadingpractice.png

new art style

2016-03-24 14:03:22 by TTanimations

new art style and animation... coming soom


3 things

2015-12-15 21:34:09 by TTanimations

Uhh yeah I'm only doing updates.

1. I'm working on a short by myself and even worked with and designed an artstyle

2. I may be uploading old 2013 animations I made, back when I went under like 2 different names heh heh heh

3. Uhhh my movie, you may be wondering about it, well I'm kinda having writers block on the last 15 min. Or so. But I'm still getting help from friends and writers that are my friends to get some ideas, but recently I started animating (16 fps) and got like 500 frames or so done already, my goal is to get 2500 by the end of the year. So yeah


tt chris, out

Umm yeah I'm kinda lazy

2015-11-04 18:08:46 by TTanimations

I didn't make the Halloween special, but my movie, is changed. It's called the adventure of Chris. So umm, I got like 3 voice actors on bored and some of my buddies to animate with me, I'm exited. So uhhh yeah. That's it.

Halloween short coming

2015-10-08 20:10:16 by TTanimations

When zombies and ghosts combined you get uhhhh, a bad movie, but also a zhost. I'll work on the name.

but anyways I'm exited to release it on Halloween! Scary! You guys should enjoy it, or not, but anyways it's going to be a great video. And I I'm also having PUNTOBER where you gut to think of a pun and I will use it in my animation, because I'm lazy and can't think of any jokes. So see ya on halloween.




SCARE! I'm gonna leave now

Update on the movie

2015-09-20 22:18:02 by TTanimations

Name:         Crap: The Phantom Pun


description: when trying to animate, Chris notices something strange about his house! But soon he realizes that it's haunted by PHANTOM PUNS. Who haunt him. What are phantom puns, will Chris survive! Find out by watching my crappy movie


Runtime: 35-45 minutes.


Realease date: hoping for mid - late 2016 and if not, early 2017.



so uh yeah. That's all the info so far. I'll update you weekly TT Chris, out.

A movie. Don't think that it will be bad, I have a couple of voice actors, perfected my animations a bit and am working on it so far, it'll be about 30 min to 1 hour long. I hope you have a punderful day.


that was bad